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Unicorn Bay is the only service offering stock advice based on your actual portfolio. We can build your portfolio from scratch or work with the current one to improve your returns.
Our math-based portfolio optimization tools will help you create an optimal portfolio for better returns while keeping risks under control — or reduce risks while maintaining returns.
Let’s do the math! We'll work with numbers and formulas to help you analyze your portfolio and avoid common mistakes and help improve your portfolio step-by-step.
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Five steps to personal recommendations for your investment portfolio
I am years old and
What's your primary reason for investing?
Which of the following best describes your household?
When deciding how to invest your money, which do you care about more
Your investment portfolio lost 10% of its value in a month during a market volatility, what would you do?
Your Risk Tolerance is [[ riskTolerance[0] ]]
The next step is to create new or adjust your current portfolio to fit your risk tolerance.

If you are already have existing portfolio, it's easy to import trades and get smart advices.

Or start building new portfolio with our tools.
Are you ready to make investments the smarter way?
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