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New! Explore Stocks with Advanced Fundamental Filters

We’re happy to introduce Explore, our brand-new search engine. The new engine enables visitors to easily explore stocks, finding just the right ones to invest based on their fundamental values. As mentioned in the previous post, we at Unicorn Bay care about making things easy for the human investor. That’s why we got rid of cryptic acronyms, and that’s why our engine is so great for the non-professional investor. Explore is the easiest engine to help you explore, for example, which Big Caps companies in the Consumer Goods sector are paying the highest dividends.

Human-readable Interface to Explore Stocks

Explore stocks

Save to watchlist

Found a stock you might be interested in but not ready to make an investment decision? It’s totally fine to watch that stock closely before deciding whether it deserves a space in your portfolio. For this to work, just save stocks you’re interested in to your Watchlist, and you’ll have far easier access to that stock’s data in the future:

Save stocks to watchlist

Powerful filters

While exploring stocks, it’s easy to get buried in data. Thousands of stocks issued by countless companies in numerous categories are way too much for beginners, and a real struggle even for seasoned investors. To help you explore stock more efficiently, we built multiple filters you can use to discover data and find just the stocks that match your required parameters. The filters are stackable, meaning that you can easily use multiple filters at a time. Below is the list of filters you can use to discover stocks:

  • Sector and Industry selectors
  • Capitalization: Mega Cap, Big Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, Micro Cap and Nano Cap
  • Profitable or not“. It’s too easy to get buried in meaningless data. We crack the numbers for you, presenting the company’s earnings-per-share ratio in a human readable form.
  • Pays dividends or not“. I guess you know what it is. This so obvious filter is frequently missing from stock search engines.
  • Wall Street Expectations.

Easy filters for stock searching.

We are constantly working on increasing the quality and diversity of our filters. Is there a specific category you’re frequently using to look for stocks? Just tell us what you want, and we’ll add your suggestion to the list of improvements!

Almost forgot: you can sort results by company symbol, yesterday gains, earnings-per-share ratio and market capitalization.

Enjoy and stay tuned! Make sure to visit the Explore page to discover stocks!