Update! We added an ETF top holdings support

Today we added top stock holdings support both for our ETF pages and for portfolios.  How it looks like? On the ETF page you can find now ‘Top holdings’ section, where you can find top assets for the particular ETF.

For example, we can look at Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETF. Here you’ll see Top 10 holdings for this ETF, such as: Nestle SA (1.69% assets), Roche Holding AG (1.40%), Novartis AG (1.32%), Toyota Motor Corporation (1.20%), HSBC Holdings Plc (1.13%) and others:

ETF Top Holdings

For now it’s easy to understand which assets move the particular ETF and what can you expect from it. From the other hand, we added ‘Top holdings’ support to you portfolios, thus, even if your portfolio consists only with ETFs will unveil some details about your investments such as: top asset shares, market capitalization shares and other usually hidden by ETFs stuff. Even countries where your stocks are:


Enjoy renewed ETFs! You can start with any Vanguard ETF, for example, with: Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF.