We added 10 new technical signals for stock insights

Last week we worked on technical analysis and added 10 new technical signals, you can easily find it here. In addition to ‘Biggest Winners/Losers’ and ‘Overbought/Oversold’, our Insights got more mid- and long-term technical signals you can use for picking stocks.

Let me explain each of them. Ready? Here are 10 new technical signals for our Insights:

1. Up 200% in 1 year. Actually, these stocks have tripled, gaining 200% more in price in the last year.

2 and 3. Above SMA 200 Days and Below SMA 200 days.  The stock price above or below 200-day simple moving average.

4 and 5. Up 5 days or more and Down 5 days or more. Prices go up (or, perhaps, down) 5 or more days in a row.

technical signals

6. 5% Gap with the previous close. These stocks are opening up at least 5% higher than their closing price yesterday.

7 and 8. Above Bollinger 6 months and Below Bollinger 6 months. Above upper Bollinger Band or below lower Bollinger Band in 6 months period.

9 and 10. 52 Weeks High and 52 Weeks Low. These stocks have highest or lowest price during the previous 52 weeks.

Enjoy new insights with renewed technical signals.

Wondering about technical terms such as ‘Bollinger Bands’, SMA (Simple Moving Average) and others. Learn these terms at our knowledgebase.