[Update] Market Themes – new way for screening stocks

Finally, we are ready to introduce you new Market Themes for stock screening. Two weeks ago we announced new 10 Technical Signals to our Insights page (and right now we have 14 technical signals to explore). Technical and fundamental analyses are good for stock screening, but what if you want to find stocks in more casual ways?

For example, you are interested in social networks or maybe you want to invest in solar power and even find companies with women CEO. Traditional stock screeners will not help you with it. Then what should you do?

Good news! Market Themes is designed specifically for this occasion.

Market themes new way for stock screening

We have 24 market themes, including ‘Online Gaming’, ‘Social Networks’, ‘Race to $1 Trillion’, ‘Millennial Focus’, ‘Chinese Stocks’, ‘Solar Power’, ‘Women CEO’ and others.

Even more, you can find these tags on company pages. For example, on Wells Fargo & Company page you’ll find 3 tags  Interest Rate Sensitive, Race to $1 Trillion and Banks & Financials.



Enjoy your new Market Themes for stock screening.