[NEW] Stock screener by given asset

Usually, you use stock screeners to discover new assets and find something totally new. But sometimes you want to get something more familiar, the asset similar to ones you already have, for example. Same sector or industry works well for these purposes.

We glad to introduce our small tool – stock screener by given asset. It’s really easy to use with only two steps:

  1. You give us the asset you familiar with, for example, AAPL.
  2. We give you a bunch of assets with the same sector or industry with one of the following highlights:
    • The stock highlighted in Market Themes.
    • The stock highlighted in Billionaires Portfolios.
    • With higher Unicorn Bay Rating.
    • Or just have higher expected returns and lower risks (volatility).

That’s how it looks like:

Stock screener by given asset

And bonus! We find all ETFs with this stock. Of course, we already have ‘Find ETF by Stock‘ tool, it’s just another version, then you need no switch pages to get all possible recommendations.

In case you want to get complex recommendations for a set of assets, use watchlist, very powerful feature for getting stock insights.

Good luck with your investments!