[UPDATE] Stock Screener Renewed

Finally, we are announcing our completely renewed stock screener. Here is a lot of changes for better stocks screening for your convenience. What did we add in the new release? Let’s see a brief list of features here and then read detailed explanation if you want.

  • Exchanges and markets new appearance + bonus, screening among all countries.
  • Ability to screen with fundamental indicators
  • Ability to screen with technical indicators
  • Market themes screening feature
  • Billionaires screening feature
  • Two views for a page with results: cards view and table view.
  • A lot of technical improvements, such as significant performance improvements.

And detailed explanations of each feature.

Exchanges and Markets New Appearance

There are 20+ exchanges in our screener and it was difficult to navigate between them. That’s why we totally reworked Exchanges dropdown and added flags and 2-columns for better visual navigation.

Stock Screener Exchanges

Fundamental Stock Screener

Previously there was very limited fundamental indicators, just 4. Now you are able to screen with a dozen of fundamentals.

Stock Screener Fundamentals


Technical Stock Screener

We had no any technical indicators in the previous version of our screener. It’s bad. We know. That’s why we added more than 10 new technical indicators in the new version.

Stock Screener Technicals

Our Picks. Market Themes and Billionaires

Perhaps, you are already familiar with our Stock Insights page, we wrote about it here and there. Finally, we duplicated our picks in the stock screener for your convenience. Since today, it’s easy to pick insights and filter it with fundamental and technical indicators simultaneously.

Stock screener Market themes


We have no any screenshot for speed improvements. You should believe me, the screener is much faster now. Why not test it yourself?

Renewed Stock Screener is here.

Missed something? Tells us, adding new features is our passion.