Stock Screener Tips

Did you hear about our Stock Screener? We are confident that this is the best way to screen stocks both fundamental and technical approach. We support more than 20 stock exchanges, including ‪#NYSE, #NASDAQ, #‎LSE‬, ‪#‎BSE‬,‪ #NSE, #‎MICEX‬, ‪#‎XETRA‬, ‪#‎TSE‬ and many other.

For example, you can easily find companies with capitalization more than $10bln, high estimated price and above 21-day Bollinger Bands. Just try it here.

Stock Screener. Both fundamental and technical analysis


Easy, isn’t it?

Founder & CEO at Unicorn Bay. Masters Degree in CAD/CAE developed several portfolio optimizing products for banks. Has a great experience in investments and math behind the Portfolio Risk Management.