Quick One Page Stock Analysis

Stock Quick Analysis with One Page PDF Report

Long story short. We worked really hard past several months and added a lot of new data sources to our service. Up to this point the data were inside our databases and you had no chance to take a look at, but next several weeks we are going to unhide all we have and announce several new features. And the first one is built for stock quick analysis with:

One page PDF report

Stock Quick Analysis Report

Try One Page PDF Report


This report is the best way to get comprehensive dataset about stocks you invest in handy PDF format. This dataset includes:

  • Income statement, balance sheet and net income information.
  • Financial highlights.
  • Earnings and Revenue estimates.
  • Trading information.
  • Chart for last few months.

It works for 3400+ US stocks, if you need other stock exchanges or didn’t find one page PDF report for stock you want, just send us an email and we’ll try to help you here.

You can easily find Download link on any ticker page (like this) or at your watchlist page (like here).

Try One Page PDF Report

Thanks for your attention and see you soon! Next week we are going to build something new.

Denis Alaev, founder at Unicorn Bay.