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Unicorn Bay is a highly personalized portfolio optimization and risk management service offering easily comprehensible stock market advice based on advanced mathematical and statistical algorithms. Unicorn Bay delivers the level of analytics that would be normally available only to professional financial advisors.

And remember, all that is available to ordinary guys with their daily jobs.

Unicorn Bay Advices


We can help you optimize your investment by balancing your portfolios using your existing assets – or suggest how to diversify your portfolio to improve income expectations, reduce risks, or achieve the perfect balance between risk and income based on your unique investment profile. You are welcome to create an account – it costs you nothing to begin using the service!

Are you a conservative, moderate or aggressive investor? Our service will help you build your portfolio based on your risk preferences or balance your existing portfolio to make it match your risk profile.

Here at Unicorn Bay, we see our mission in helping amateur or non-professional investors make better financial decisions.

Our goal is to deliver powerful financial tools to the amateur investor.

Keep risks under control with Unicorn Bay