If you’re interested in working with our Stock Market API and/or development tools, please contact feedback@unicornbay.com.

In Unicorn Bay we have strong backend, huge datasets with stock market information and powerful servers. If you work on finance applications, mobile or web developer, we can offer you a bunch of tools for your development needs.


stock market api and development tools

What we offer

  • Stock Market API access. We offer an API to all our data: EOD data, Unicorn Bay rating history, correlations, sentimental analysis and more.
  • Stock market screener development. Any complexity: fundamental and technical indicators and filters: EPS, debt, return on equity, Bollinger bands, whatever you want.  Market screener development from scratch. We’ll help you get data, build database, create UI and backend, support it.
  • Stock market widgets and pages. If you need widgets for your website with charts, historical data, fundamental information, quick and reliable ticker search, any stuff you need. We can help you with fast (up to 1-2 weeks) development of your own customized widgets.
  • Mobile applications support. If you are working on mobile application and don’t want to waste your time on server support, we can take a care on any server needs: data storage, quick search, buy/sell signals calculations, complex math for portfolio management.
  • Complex charts for your website. We offer complex charts development for your website with deep customization: ticker search, any technical indicators like RSI, Bollinger Bands, SMA/EMA, flexible data period and other.
  • Excel (VBA) modules. We are ready to develop any Excel application (VBA) for your financial analysis needs with dynamic data updates from our servers.
  • Back-testing tools. Need a base for back-testing your stock strategies? We’ll help you with fast development, back-testing and visualization of any stock strategy you have.
  • Any other stock market stuff you need for your web and/or mobile applications.

If you’re interested in working with our API and/or development tools, please contact feedback@unicornbay.com.