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7 Core features of our Portfolio Management Tool
Portfolio Dashboard. The best way to get a bird's eye view of your investment portfolio. Historical charts with an ability to compare your portfolio performance with SP 500 and other market indicators. All key portfolio numbers on the one page and interesting insights.
Smart Advisor. Personal recommendations for your portfolio, based on your own risk tolerance. 6 asset classes and 4 subclasses (for US market) and real-time portfolio monitoring make our advisor very flexible and responsible for each individual.
Optimization Strategies. We use Harry Markowitz modern portfolio theory to build efficient frontier for your portfolio and get advice how to increase expected returns and reduce risks of your investments.
Portfolio Breakdown scans your portfolio in different planes. You will get insights about sectors, capitalization, countries, and currencies of your assets. Sometimes it's very useful to X-Ray your investments diversely.
Portfolio Tips is a good way to avoid common mistakes of each non-professional investor. Do you know that ETFs in the portfolio are a good way to diversify it? Or may be you forgot Small and Mid-capitalization companies to invest? No worries. We remind you that.
Trade Analyzer counts wins and losses when you trade. Do you know how many times you loss or win? Who knows past statistics, will have a chance to improve it in the future. No need to calculate it manually, our service do it each time you trade with us.
Transaction history keeps you informed about any transaction you made within the portfolio. It includes trades, cash deposits, and your dividends.