Look's good! We've maximized Sharpe ratio for your portfolio, you'll get the best performance with:

BBY 80%
EPZM 20%

For example, you should buy 1 BBY , and 9 EPZM stocks.

* Please note, stocks with unsufficient performance or high volatility have less weight or even zero-weight in portfolio optimization by Sharpe ratio.

Wonder how balanced portfolio beats average one?

If you had invested $1000 on 2020-12-01 you could have earned today

- $517
- $261

1-year performance comparison table

Equalweight Portfolio Optimized Portfolio
Expected Return -48.63% -22.57%
Risks (Volatility) 3.33% 0.3%
Sharpe Ratio -21.89 -154.18
1-Year Performance -52% -26%

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